30th General Assembly of The Left Youth of Finland

1.-3.11.2019, Kajaani

30th General Assembly of The Left Youth of Finland will take place in Kaukametsä Culture and Congress Centre (Koskikatu 2, Kajaani), from 1st to 3rd of November, 2019. General Assembly will start at 4 pm on Friday 1st of November.

Political Programme 2019-2023

The next political programme (2019-2023) of The Left Youth will be dealt and approved in General Assembly. Contact the employee or chair of your regional district if you want to take part in preparing the new programme before General Assembly! If you don't know which regional district is yours, you can ask it via e-mail: toimisto[at]vasemmistonuoret.fi. 

Members' Vote of the Next Chairperson, 11.-25.10.2019

For the first time ever, The Left Youth will organize an electronic members' vote of the next chairperson. Everyone who has became a member of The Left Youth before 1.9.2019 have a right to vote.

There are six people who have signed up to be a candidate in the members vote:
Emmastiina Hesso, Left Youth of Satakunta
Mikko Hietala, Left Youth of Eastern Finland
Markus Karjalainen, Left Youth of Kainuu
Ajak Majok, Left Youth of Southern Finland
Liban Sheikh, Left Youth of Tavastia
Noora Tapio, Left Youth of Tavastia

Voting time starts on 11.10.2019 at 4 pm and ends on 25.10.2019 at 4 pm.
Board of The Left Youth will inform members about the results on Saturday 26th of October 2019.

Voting info will be sent to members via e-mail closer to the voting time. 

Please, don't hesitate to contact us if there is something you don't understand about voting or you are for some reason unable to give your vote!

Became a General Assembly representative!

Contact as soon as possible the employee or chair of your regional district if you want to be a representative in General Assembly! If you don't know which regional district is yours, you can ask it via e-mail: toimisto[at]vasemmistonuoret.fi. Regional districts pick their representatives at the latest on 15th of September, 2019.


Trainings for General Assembly representatives

Before General Assembly, The Left Youth will organize trainings for the representatives. In every training, there will also be a panel discussion for chairperson candidates. At least one of the panel discussions will be live streamed. Trainings take about 4 hours and lunch is included. 

Sat 28.9. Oulu, Left Youth of Northern Ostrobothnia and Left Youth of Lapland
Sun 29.9. Kajaani, Left Youth of Kainuu and Left Youth of Eastern Finland
Fri 4.10. Turku, Left Youth of Satakunta and Left Youth of Finland Proper
Sat 5.10. Helsinki, Left Youth of Southern Finland
Sun 6.10. Tampere, Left Youth of Tavastia and Left Youth of Central Finland


Contact us for more information!