International Committee

Please contact our International Committee for questions and proposals regarding international cooperation.

Chair Valtteri Harakka


Central Office

Vasemmistonuoret ry
Lintulahdenkatu 10, 2nd floor, 00500 Helsinki
+358 45 348 5499

Elevators and staircase of the building are locked, so when visiting us tell at the reception you are coming to meet The Left Youth of Finland or give us a call, thank you!

Accessible entrance is build with ramps and elevators (width of the doors 90 cm). Toilets of our office are tiny (width of the doors 60 cm), but there is an accessible toilet in the lobby of the building (1st floor).

Rooms of our staff and room for hanging out have doors of a 80 cm width. 


Staff at the Central Office

Pinja Vuorinen

+358 50 501 9721, pinja[at]       
In charge of: politics    

Amro el-Khatib

Secretary General
045 644 7880, paasihteeri[at]
In charge of: administration

Minerva Skyttä

Press Officer
050 472 1046, minerva[at]
In charge of: communication, harassment contact person

Sebastian Duran 
Members Officer and Office Manager
+358 45 348 5499, toimisto[at]
In charge of: members and office services

Editor-in-chief of Libero
Teemu Vaarakallio
+358 400 678 839, toimitus[at]
In charge of: Libero-magazine

System Administrator
Pekka Pehkonen
In charge of: ICT & data security

Event Planner
Mika Ketu
In charge of: Events

Organizational Planner
Konsta Hyötylä
045 662 8206, konsta.hyotyla[at]
In charge of: youth and organization activities, harassment contact person




Regional Districts

Left Youth of Southern Finland
Lintulahdenkatu 10, 2nd floor, 00500 Helsinki
Executive Director Jasu Setälä
etela-suomi[at], phone +358 44 019 5901
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Left Youth of Tavastia
Näsilinnankatu 22 A 27, 33210 Tampere        
Executive Director Oskari Jokinen
hame[at], phone +358 40 837 3467
Facebook | Instagram

Left Youth of Eastern Finland
Pohjoiskatu 6, 80100 Joensuu (Visiting adress Kauppakatu 44)
District Secretary Emmi Rajavuori
ita[at], phone 044 976 2830
Facebook | Instagram

Left Youth of Kainuu
District Secretary Saara Karjalainen
kainuu[at], phone +358 40 828 4620
Facebook | Instagram

Left Youth of Central Finland
Vaasankatu 10, 40100 Jyväskylä
District Secretary Akseli Immonen 
keski-suomi[at], phone 044 253 4875
Facebook | Instagram

Left Youth of Lapland
Rovaniemi Workers House, Lapinkatu 2, 96800 Rovaniemi     
District Secretary Mona Eskelinen
lappi[at], phone +358 40 7000 219 
Facebook | Instagram

Left Youth of Northern Ostrobothnia
Pakkahuoneenkatu 19, 90100 Oulu 
District Secretary Anna-Maija Räihä
pohjois-pohjanmaa[at], phone +358 40 725 2840

Left Youth of Satakunta
Eteläpuisto 14b, 28100 Pori
District Secretary Vilho Vuorinen
Facebook | Instagram

Left Youth of Finland Proper
Hakakatu 12, 20540 Turku
District Secretary Laura Aalto, phone 045 1312 552
Facebook | Instagram